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Supply Guarantee – Price Guarantee – EUA SWAP – $$ REBATEs

is the leading developer of olivine materials for carbon sequestration. Olivine is rock mineral high in Magnesium. We produce low cost disposable Magnesium Hydroxide which is the world’s best known CO2 sorbent. Mg(OH)2 is a game changer!

Netzero-Group has a dedicated CO2 service for shipping because of the technical challenges shipping faces. We use our unique ROADMAPs to help pay for your transition to zero emission fuels.

“Netzero-Shipping ROADMAP"

  • Guaranteed CDR supply
  • Guaranteed CDR quality
  • Guaranteed zero green wash
  • Guaranteed price
  • SWAP for EUA
  • Scale UP or DOWN
  • $ REBATE for zero carbon fuels

Carbon REMOVALS are the only acceptable offset.

Cheap carbon credits risk greenwash, risk damage to your reputation & profits.

The second risk is to depend on spot markets for CO2 offset supply. Shipping CO2 volumes are so large they will push CO2 prices higher on an open market. It is self defeating.

The shipping CO2 strategy has to be to secure supply & price. We deliver secure ROADMAPS with OPTIONs.

Starting at $0.10 per tCO2. Swaps for EUA & other regulated credits. Rebate $$ to pay for ammonia & methanol clean fuels.

Only A Roadmap can deliver the volumes of quality offsets large emitters need.

We have multiple sites and 1 billion tonnes of raw material to deploy.  ROADMAPS over 10 M tonnes are managed in joint SPV’s and generate $$ REBATES.  Yes, we can pay for your future fuels, ammonia or methanol.  Terms apply.

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NZG is a team of Impact Investors, engineers and project logistics teams. Our experience includes NASA missions on Mars, design of the world’s largest refineries, National solar strategies, UN COP negotiations and now Carbon Dioxide Removal on a meaningful scale at an affordable price. We have six paths of CO2 removal using olivine, and billions of tons of material. We can and will reduce the CO2 ppm in our atmosphere in our lifetimes.
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